Friday, September 07, 2007

Ann Marston

There are many good women authors in the Fantasy genre. New writers come along to add their unique voices and stories to the ever growing genre. Ann Marston is one of these voices. She takes elements of Celtic Fantasy and brings to life her Fantasy world of rune blades, magic and adventure. Her books are full of interesting characters, intriguing plots and powerful themes. They span through generations in two trilogies, The Rune Blade and The Sword in Exile. So lets explore the books of this entertaining author.

Ann Marston’s first book is Kingmaker’s Sword. It starts with a young slave boy named Kian escaping his masters. Along the way, he gains possession of a magical sword and meets his uncle Cullin. Ms. Marston weaves a strong tale of adventure with these characters. They live in a world loosely based on Celtic mythology and culture, but with a flavor all her own. She brings the story of Kian to a fulfilling conclusion that leaves you wanting for more.

That comes in the next book of The Western King. This is the story of Kian’s and Kerri’s sons. They must come into their maturity to fight the blood sorcerers of the Maedun. The three sons have to overcome personal troubles to help Celi and decide who gets the sword Kingmaker. Ms. Marston continues creating a strong story that spans generations into the next book.

Broken Blade completes the first trilogy with the grandchildren of Kian. The Maedun sorcerers try to smash the protective magic of Celi. Brynda, daughter of Keylan, must protect the king. A rune blade is shattered in the process. This book ends in an unsettling manner, leaving a lot of things in the air. Characters find their destinies with Ms. Marston’s deft touch, but leaves opening for further books.

The new books form the Sword in Exile trilogy. It begins with Cloudbearer’s Shadow. Years have passed and Celi is under control of the Maedun. The magic is gone from the land. Gareth comes home after years of exile to a ruined kingdom. He must fight evil in his family along with the Somber Riders that patrol the island. Luckily, he has the help of Lowra, a strong warrior woman. This is a dark beginning that will play out in the next two books thanks to the author’s continued intricate plotting.

King of Shadows is the second book. This delves deeper into the battle to free Celae from the Somber Riders. Lowen is a woman warrior waiting for a prince to protect. She waits with her Rune blade for the man she is destined to help come.

Ms. Marston brings the tale of entangled generations and magic to a close with Sword and Shadow. In this book, readers meet twin royal brothers born is secret. Acaren is born to rule and has his beautiful love Eliene to help him. Rowan is born with the power of legendary magic, but must find his soulmate to free it. These four must try to break the spell on the island of Celi that forbids them to return. To do this, the brothers must go on a quest to find two Rune blades on the mountain home of the seven gods and goddesses. The author wraps up this multigenerational story of magic, romance and adventure with memorable characters and vivi descriptions.

Ann Marston is a talented Fantasy author that has added her unique voice to the genre. She writes powerful stories of adventure and magic using elements of Celtic mythology, Irish and Scottish culture. Her books span across generations in telling the tales of Celae and the Rune blades. She creates memorable characters and vivid battle scenes that readers will enjoy. Unless Ms. Marston writes under another pen name, she has not published any books in recent years.

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