Friday, May 16, 2008

Review: _The Lost Ones_ by Christopher Golden

People get a good feeling of satisfaction when they finish something. There is a sense of accomplishment in completing things. Such a feeling comes when readers finish a trilogy or series of books. The third book in the “Veil” trilogy called The Lost Ones by Christopher Golden completes the series. The book leads to a satisfying conclusion due to its interesting setting, fascinating characters and exciting plot.

First, Mr. Golden’s interesting setting helps lead the book to a satisfying conclusion. The world of the Legendary is separated from our world by the Veil, a border that can only be crossed one way by humans. The humans, called the Lost Ones, must live among mythical creatures in a dangerous world of magic. This world has two kingdoms, one made up from European myths and the other based on Central American myths. In addition, the mythical city of Atlantis and its people creates a fascinating landscape for the characters to survive through, brought to life by the author’s vivid descriptions.

Next, the fascinating characters moves the story to its gratifying end. Oliver Bascombe returns in this book, locked in a dungeon cell along with his fiancé and sister. He must deal with the betrayal of the Borderkind fox Kitsune and reconcile himself to his heritage in order to save two worlds. The Borderkind legend Kistune must overcome her guilt for betraying Oliver in order to save her people. Another intriguing character is the new Sandman with the three personalities in one body and how he changes. Mr. Golden brings his characters, both human and legend, to life by giving them realistic emotions and motives.

Lastly, an exciting plot pushes the book to its satisfying conclusion. The story begins with Oliver, his sister and fiancĂ© trying to escape from their prison. They languish in Palenque while the kingdoms of Euphrasia and Yucatazca go to war. The people of Palenque blame Hunyadi the Euphrasian king for the assassination of their king. Both sides have been manipulated by the Atlantean Ty’Lis and his plot to seal the Veil forever. Only the prophecy of the Legend born brings hope to the Lost Ones and the saving of the world. Mr. Golden keeps the plot exciting with intrigues, pursuits and a grand battle until the end.

The Lost Ones by Christopher Golden is the exciting conclusion to the “Veil” trilogy. An interesting setting, fascinating characters and exciting plot brings the trilogy to a satisfying conclusion. Readers will enjoy this entertaining end to a good series of Dark Fantasy.

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