Friday, November 27, 2009

Fay Sampson

History is an important subject. Reading textbooks about it can be dull and dry for some readers even though they have an interest in the subject. Some authors take events in history and create fiction about them. A few Fantasy authors go a step further, adding a twist by including fantasy elements. Fay Sampson is a Fantasy author of young adult and Historical Fantasy.

Star Dancer takes place in ancient Mesopotamia. Ms. Sampson uses the mythology of this culture to tell the story of Inanna. The books follows her all the way through to the descent of the under world to confront Queen Ereshkigal. Mesopotamia is brought to life by the author’s realistic descriptions of a timeless mythologica l tale.

Another book explores the clash between pagans and Christians in A Casket of Earth. This is a story of murder and intrigue that a Christian princess finds herself thrust into after marrying a pagan prince. War looms between the two kingdoms until the appearance of a Celtic saint who intervenes. Many complex themes are explored in this book.

Next, Ms. Sampson explores Britain in the Dark Ages through Edwin in The Flight of the Sparrow. Edwin returns from exile to become a king. He is in conflict with his Celtic foster brother. The story is very entertaining due to the author’s in depth portrayal of the time.

Arthurian Fantasy is represented by the Daughter of Tintagel books. Morgan le Fay’s story is told through the eyes of five people. Wise Woman’s Telling is Morgan’s early life through the eyes of a pagan nurse. White Nun’s Telling is the viewpoint of a nun during Morgan’s adolescence and learning of magic. Blacksmith’s Telling switches to a man’s viewpoi nt, speaking of her married years to King Urien. Taliesin’s Telling is another man’s viewpoint of Morgan raising Mordred. Finally, Morgan gives the reader her viewpoint in Herself at the end of Arthur’s life.

The historic period when the Romans were invading Britain and fighting the Celtic tribes is told in the recent book The Silent Fort. In this book, a brother and sister fight against druids trying to take control of the tribe while dealing with the Romans. Though still young, Melwa os wants to be a warrior. His sister Cairenn is about to be married. Both must overcome many dangers to save their people.

Ms. Sampson has written several books for young adults and children with fantasy elements. One group of her young adult novels are Celtic Fantasies. The stories revolve around the character of Pangur Ban, a magical white cat and his friends. Pangur Ban: The White Cat is one of many of these adventure filled tales. A recent book is THEM, which tells the story of rebels trying to overthrow an oppressive regime.

Fay Sampson is a talented author of Historical Fantasy and young adult books. She takes various historical periods, adds some fantasy elements and creates memorable stories of the distant past. Her books contain realistic characters in interesting situations. Readers of all ages will find entertaining tales from this author.


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