Friday, May 24, 2013

Book Review: _Owlknight_ by Mercedes Lackey

How does a reader of Fantasy feel when the last book of a series comes out? Satisfied? Relieved? Joyous? These are the feelings readers will get with Owlknight by Mercedes Lackey, the final book of a trilogy set in the Fantasy world of Valdemar. The book is an entertaining conclusion because of its likable characters, adventurous plot and strong themes.

The likable characters continue to mature in the final book. Darian undergoes various ceremonies to take his place as the respected leader of his Vale. He is troubled by memories of his missing parents and weird dreams. This drives him to find closure before taking his place as a leader. Keisha is confused by her love for Darian and fears rejection by him. She must work through this problem with the help of her friends. Both of them are assisted by various friends like the Hawkbrothers and Kelvren the griffin. All of the characters come together by Ms. Lackey’s strong talent to write believable characters that are lifelike.

An adventurous plot keeps the reader hooked on the book. Darian keeps having strange dreams and visits from totemic spirits while doing ceremonies for his leadership. He is driven to find any trace of his parents many years after their disappearance. The discovery of a vital clue sends him along with a group of allies on a long journey to find a northern tribe that might have information about Darian’s parents. Along the way they encounter many dangerous problems like large predators and vicious raiders. Plots are important to books so they make sense. Ms. Lackey puts her plot threads together seamlessly for a story that flows well from beginning to end.

Lastly, strong themes in a book leaves readers with something to think about when finished with the book. This book has memorab ple strong themes. Most people have a need for closure before moving on with their lives, which is the main theme of this book. Darian needs to know what happened to his parents before assuming the role of leader in his community. Another theme is love and how it gives strength to people in adversity. Keisha finds this through the support she gets from Darian, her sister and her friends. The author includes these themes in her book in a subtle way that helps keep the reader engrossed in the story.

Owlknight by Mercedes Lackey is the final book of a trilogy. The likable characters, adventurous plot and strong themes provide this book an entertaining end to another story set in the fantasy world of Valdemar. Readers will find a satisfying conclusion for the time invested in reading the book. Mercedes Lackey adds another good book to her large series of Valdemar.

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