Thursday, June 01, 2006

Review: _Stoneskin's Revenge_ by Tom Deitz

When a murderous creature from another world follows some people back to ours, it is up to Calvin McIntosh to confront the creature and save his friends from it. This is the beginning of Stoneskin’s Revenge by Tom Deitz. The book’s realistic setting, likable characters and fast paced plot makes the book an entertaining read.

The author sets the story in a small town of rural Georgia. Readers see the aspects of small town life up against a supernatural creature. There are woods, rivers and tree plantations with many local animals and plants. Mr. Deitz’s realistic setting grounds the reader in the present that creates a backdrop for the frightening monster. There is a strong sense of place established by the author’s vivid descriptions, which heightens the characters’ experiences.

Characters in the book are likable and have various problems. Calvin McIntosh is the main character. He is a young Cherokee with magical talents. His magic makes him feel responsible for the events happening in the book and he must overcome guilt to save people with his growing new skills. Don Scott is a young boy dealing with loss from the monster. Robyn and her brother Brock adds another set of troubled young people with strong personalities. Spearfinger is the sinister liver eating creature from Native American mythology, which has some interesting quirks of her own. These characters come together in an interesting plot.

Finally, the fast paced plot keeps readers’ attention throughout the book. Calvin camps in the woods near a small town to get his thoughts straight from a previous adventure. He is unaware that Spearfinger followed him to Georgia. She begins killing victims for their livers and frames Calvin for the murders. Trying to stay clear of the police, he meets the runaways and Don in the woods. Once he discovers the truth, Calvin must save the world from Spearfinger’s hunger. Mr. Deitz keeps the plot tight and flowing for a fast pace of suspenseful adventure.

Stoneskin’s Revenge by Tom Deitz is an entertaining Contemporary Fantasy novel. It is a nice addition to an ongoing series due to its realistic setting, likable characters and a fast paced plot. Mr. Deitz mixes modern day Georgia with magical elements to provide interesting stories with effective senses of wonder. Coupled with plenty of adventure and action, his books are fast reads for the summer.

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