Friday, December 01, 2006

Review: _Magelord_ Trilogy by Thomas K. Martin

Imagine a world ruled by powerful mages. The Magelords were mages whose powers made them nearly gods. They ruled the world, enslaving other humans to their wills. Humanity survived them, but the terror they left behind lingers to the current day is this world causing persecution of anyone with magic talent. Can one man stop the terror to save his people? “MageLord” is a trilogy by Fantasy author Thomas K. Martin that tries to answer that question. The trilogy explores the themes of corrupting power and persecution. It is an exciting trilogy for readers.

Magelord: The Awakening is the first book in the trilogy. Bjorn lives in the Wastes with his father avoiding persecution and hatred of mages. He comes home one day to find men in front of his home. Prince Gavin of a nearby kingdom has asked Bjorn for help because he suspects his father’s advisor is a dreaded Magelord. Bjorn believes Valerian is not a MageLord, but a rogue mage. He travels with Gavin to the kingdom to see Valerian. His skepticism turns to fear on seeing the king’s advisor. Bjorn, Gavin and others must fight to save the kingdom while Valerian starts a clan war. This book contains plenty of action with battles, sieges and powerful magic. It is a gripping beginning to the trilogy that leads into the second book.

The second book, Magelord: A Time of Madness, tells the story of the mages trying to stop their persecution. Picking up a short time after the events in the first book, the action starts quickly. Gavin’s fear of new MageLords emerging form mages creates the Hunt. Any discovered mage is burned at the stake. First Knight Mathen leads the Hunt and is ruthless in destroying mages, even killing children. Ivanel, Gavin’s uncle, wants to set up an underground railroad to save fleeing mage families by getting them away from the persecution of the Hunt. He sends his young son Ian to set up the escape route and find Bjorn. The author continues to weave a gripping story for the middle book with plenty of action.

Magelord: The House of Bairn, the final book, finds Bjorn pursued on his trip to the far south. His people fear he has become a rogue and must try to kill him. He ends up tripping a spell that casts him into the past during the height of the MageLords and the Time of Madness. The MageLords used powerful magic and were arrogant, not caring about ordinary people. In order to fit into that time, Bjorn becomes an apprentice to the MageLord Rylur, working his way up the through the ranks. He wants to find a way to save his people in the future. The book is a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy.

The “MageLord” Fantasy trilogy by Thomas K. Martin is an entertaining series for readers. Interesting plots and an abundance of action keeps readers hooked from the beginning. One flaw in the books is the lack of any dynamic women characters until the last book, but they mostly remain in the background. Still, the trilogy is an entertaining, fast read for Fantasy lovers.

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