Friday, February 09, 2007

Review: _Full Moon_ by Jim Butcher

The cable Scifi Channel will debut a new television series in 2007 called “The Dresden Files,” based on the books by Jim Butcher. Harry Dresden is a wizard private detective in Chicago created by Mr. Butcher. He solves supernatural crimes in the “Dresden Files” book series. Full Moon is the second book in the series. Readers will be hooked due to the book’s descriptive setting, interesting characters and action plot.

The modern day setting with supernatural elements brings the story to life. Chicago is a huge city with a criminal element. Added to this mix are dangerous magical creatures from the Never Never. This Chicago is full of vampires, spirits, fairies, ghosts and myriad other things. Humans refuse to believe in magic, but the police department has a special investigation unit to solve unexplainable crimes. In this book, werewolves play a prominent role. Mr. Butcher does an excellent job of creating different types of werewolves to keep the action going. Gritty, vivid descriptions makes the setting very realistic for readers.

Next, interesting characters keeps readers hooked into the story. Harry Dresden is a likable main character for a private detective and wizard. He has an honorable personality despite a troubled past of suffering, always trying to do the right thing. His strength helps him overcome severe obstacles thrown in his path. Karrin Murphy is a tough police detective who uses Harry as a consultant for strange crimes. Her frictional relationship with Harry adds a strong element to the character dynamics. Mr. Butcher’s characterizations are gritty and realistic bringing the characters to life.

In the end, it is the action plot that hooks the reader until the final chapter. The book starts with Harry called to the scene of a grisly murder. He meets some FBI agents that nearly shoot his friend Murphy. This plunges him into the dark world of werewolves of many different types. He fights his way through with magic while suffering injury and loss along the way. The plot keeps moving at at quick pace with no slow spots. Mr. Butcher deftly weaves the plot together to create a powerful, gripping story.

Full Moon by Jim Butcher is an entertaining, suspenseful addition to the “Dresden Files” series. The descriptive setting, interesting characters and action plot snags readers into the story and keeps them hooked until the end. If the new tv series turns out to be as entertaining as the books, the producers will have a hit on their hands.

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