Friday, March 09, 2007

Review: _Anansi Boys_ by Neil Gaiman

Trickster gods are part of many mythologies of different world cultures. Native Americans have Coyote and Raven. Norse mythology has the darker god called Loki. Author Neil Gaiman uses the African trickster spider god Anansi in his award winning fantasy novel Anansi Boys. In the novel, the author provides for an entertaining book with memorable characters, a humorous plot and use of interesting mythology.

Memorable characters keep readers hooked in a story to make it entertaining. Mr. Gaiman provides great characters for this book. Fat Charlie is embarrassed by his father. He moved away to England in order to get away from him, feeling his father never loved him Through new discoveries, Charlie grows and changes from dealing with his magical brother, criminal boss and fiance. Spider, Charlie's brother, is another memorable character. He is annoying and obnoxious, using his trickster powers for personal gain and vexing Charlie. Spider’s ordeals help him to make changes in his life. The author creates an effective story with these characters’ experiences for a powerful story.

Another aspect that keeps the book entertaining is the humorous plot. The story begins with Charlie getting a call about his father’s embarrassing death. He must return home for the funeral and discovers he has a brother. Strange events revolve around Charlie’s life after he meets Spider. Humor and magic fills Charlie’s life as he grows to overcome fears and evil in amusing ways. Mr. Gaiman is a master at keeping the plot moving with funny moments to keep readers entertained. His vivid descriptions creates a wonderful story.

Finally, the use of interesting mythology helps the book’s entertainment value increase immensely. The author uses the African trickster spider god Anansi and other myths form Africa to bring the story to life. He mixes the mythology with ghosts and other fantasy elements to provide a thought provoking story of a man who is the son of a god. This gives readers a different perspective on the modern world, all done with humor.

Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman is an award winning mythic fantasy novel that entertains readers. The story of estranged brothers is brought to life my memorable characters, a humorous plot and the use of interesting mythology. Mr. Gaiman writes entertaining novels that are unforgettable for readers. This humorous novel is an excellent companion piece to his darker book American Gods. Both novels are excellent reads for the fans of the genre.

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