Friday, April 06, 2007

Review: _Blood Bound_ by Patty Briggs

Werewolves, vampires, shapeshifters and other creatures their heads again in the tricities area of western Washington state. Mercy Thompson begins a new adventure in the second book Blood Bound by Patty Briggs. The novel is a rousing, suspenseful adventure with interesting characters and a gripping plot.

The interesting characters draw readers in for a good story. Mercy Thompson returns in this second book with new dilemmas she grows from. She still lives in her trailer and is a mechanic, coyote shapeshifter. Torn between two powerful alpha werewolf men, she fights to maintain her independence, not wanting to be dominated by them. Adam, the leader of the local werewolf pack, is a strong, wise leader. He tries not to push Mercy into a relationship she is not sure of. Samuel, an old boyfriend, brings in more confusion to the triangle. Added into the mixture is the enigmatic vampire Stefano show brings in more complications. Ms. Briggs keeps the character relationships dynamic, which makes them likable for readers to stay with the story.

Next, the author keeps readers hooked with a gripping plot. the book is suspenseful from the beginning. Mercy’s vampire friend asks for her help in stopping a vampire that murders people in large numbers, which might expose the vampires’ existence to the world. She and her friend are nearly killed by a sorcerer vampire possessed by a demon. The danger presented by the killer sorcerer threatens all supernatural beings. The werewolves become involved when Mercy is threatened by the sorcerer. Mercy must race to save her friends though she is weaker compared to the others. Ms. Briggs keeps the plot suspenseful with vivid descriptions and plenty of action.

Blood Bound by Patty Briggs is an exciting second book of the “Mercy Thompson” series. Interesting characters and a gripping plot keeps the this urban Fantasy suspenseful and entertaining. Readers will remain hooked until the rousing end. The book is a nice compliment to the first one, Moon Called. I await the next book with eager anticipation.

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