Friday, November 02, 2007

Review: _Summer Knight_ and _Death Masks_ by Jim Butcher

What would the world be like if magic existed? Urban Fantasy books try to demonstrate this in varying books. Fantasy authors like Charles de Lint, Patricia Briggs, Ilona Andrews and several others portray magic and mythical creatures existing in our world. Jim Butcher brings magic and action to Chicago in his “ Harry Dresden” novels. Two more books in the series continues the further gritty adventures of wizard Harry Dresden.

Summer Knight opens with Harry in a deep depression, filled with guilt over his girlfriend who was nearly changed into a vampire. He has searched for a cure for months, letting his life and work slide. The fairy queen of the Winter court hires him against his will to find out who killed the Summer Knight of the rival Summer court. Harry is confronted by several dangerous creatures and a woman from his past he thought was dead while trying to prevent a war between the Fairy courts. Added to these events, Harry must contend with attacks from vampires due to events that ocurred in the previous book. Mr. Butcher keeps the tension and action flowing with crisp descriptions and character growth.

In Death Masks, Harry is hired by a Vatican representative to recover the stolen Shroud of Turin. He must battle ghastly demons to save Chicago and the world from their deadly plan. On top of this, he faces a duel to the death with the leader of the Red Court vampires to end a war between them and the Council of Wizards. More complications arise with the return of Harry’s girlfriend Susan. Harry has the help of many friends in his trials especially three crusader knights. Mr. Butcher keeps the action flowing to a satisfying conclusion of the book.

Summer Knight and Death Masks by Jim Butcher are two more entertaining novels of the “Harry Dresden” series. The author keeps the action fast paced to keep readers hooked. Harry, the main character, shows growth and changes in each book making him more complex and human. This keeps the series interesting for readers with each new saga.

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