Friday, August 03, 2012

Fantasy Author Sharon Green

What would it be like to live in a world of shape shifters or where everyone has magical powers? These are a few of the Fantasy worlds of the author Sharon Green. She is the mistress of romantic Adventure Fantasy. Her books are full of strong women characters and understanding men characters. They are infused with romance and a lot of action. She writes entertaining books with subtle themes. Ms. ˇ Green writes Science Fiction also, but only her Fantasy books will be covered here.

One of her first forays into Fantasy started with The Far Side of Forever. This tells the story of a powerful woman mage named Laciel. She joins with five companions to get back the stolen Balance Stone before uncontrolled magic destroys her world. They pursue the stone through different worlds, each companion using their talent to further the quest. In the sequel, Hellhound Magic, Laciel and her love must rescue her mentor from a vicious tyrant.

Silver Princess, Golden Knight (reviewed in a previous article) starts a five book series. In these books, shape shifters and magic users travel through many different worlds in order to save oppressed people and forge new kingdoms. These books have strong characters, adventurous plots and romance. Ms. Green creates intriguing magic systems for these novels too. The other four novels are: Hidden Realms, Dark Mirrors, Darker Dreams, Wind Whispers, Shadow Shouts and Game’s End.

Dawn Song is a stand alone novel. The Prince of the Sun house and daughter of the Moon house must work together to defeat a usurper. Haliand and Jentris must fight the ruler of Earth to keep their Houses from being destroyed. Like her other books, this one involves journeys to other worlds and a lot of romance. The book has some things to say about relationships.

Her most recent series are the five books of the “Blending.” In this world, everyone has magic talent. People’s magic is tied to one of five elements: earth, air, fire, water and spirit. Five people, one mage from each element, must come together and blend their magic together is order to prevent an ancient evil from returning. The five books in the series are: Convergence, Competitions, Challenges, Betrayals and Prophecy. Ms. Green uses multiple viewpoints in these books to get every character’s reaction to the situations they are in and to each other.

Sharon Green has written other books about Amazons and strong women. She has contributed a substantial number of books to romantic Adventure Fantasy. Her works contain strong women characters that overcome great problems. The books contain subtle themes about relationships and the plight of women. Ms. Green is an imaginative creator of interesting magical systems and cultures. Readers will enjoy her entertaining books of adventure and romance.

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