Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ilona Andrews

Urban fantasy is wide open to many authors adding their visions of the fantastic existing in our world. New books join the ranks of urban fantasy every month. These books reflect different aspects of how the supernatural affects people, and changes lives as well as the world. Different authors provide a variety of interesting ideas on the topic. One of these authors, Ilona Andrews, a husband and wife writing team, have added some interesting, gritty stories to urban fantasy for readers to enjoy.

The first series consists of the “Kate Daniels” books. This is set in Atlanta, Georgia where magic rises and subsides like a tide on an unpredictable basis. The world switches back and forth between technology and magic, which devastates modern buildings and life. Fantastic creatures and beings populate this changed world. There is the Pack, a group of shapeshifters banded together for survival. The Pack vies with the People, a group of necromancers that navigate vampires. Other people and beings inhabit the city too. Ordinary humans need help and protection from all of these creatures, so various groups of humans exist in order to provide this protection.

Kate Daniels is the main character of these books. She is a strong woman who works as a mercenary and private detective, protecting people from vicious magical creatures and solving mysteries. In addition, Kate has a secret about her past that no one can find out about or she would be killed along with her loved ones. Each book tells the story of a new aspect of her life as she grows and changes with each new encounter with a magical mystery to solve.

The books in the series so far are:

_Magic Bites_
_Magic Burns_
_Magic Strikes_
_Magic Bleeds_
_Magic Slays_
_Magic Rising_ (forthcoming in Aug. 2013)

A new book, _Gunmetal Magic_, tells the story of Kate’s detective partner Andrea. She is a member of the Pack, a were hyena, who struggles with a desire for acceptence by others. An accomplished warrior, Andrea fights a personal battle with accepting herself. During this struggle she fights dangerous creatures threatening the people of Atlanta and the Pack.

The other series by this author is called the “Edge.” This is a border between two worlds, ours called the Broken and the Weird where magic and magical beings live. Each book focuses on a different set of characters that live in the Edge and must solve a problem or conflict. _On the Edge_ tells the story of Rose Drayton who must team up with Weird aristocrat Declan Camarine to save the Edge from magic hungry monsters. The second book, _Bayou Moon_, finds Cerise Mar caught in a war between two Weird nations. In _Fate’s Edge_, the characters must keep a dangerous magical object out of the wrong hands. Finally, _Steel’s Edge_ brings the series to a close with swordsman Richard helping healer Charlotte stop a slavery ring.

Ilona Andrews is a memorable writing team of urban fantasy novels. Their stories are filled with interesting three dimensional characters that grow and suspenseful plots of gritty adventure. Each new book they write adds to the growing urban fantasy category. For more information on the books, visit the authors’ web site at:

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