Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Jennifer Roberson

Enter worlds of Fantasy filled with shapechangers and sword dancers. These are the creations of Fantasy author Jennifer Roberson. She is a talented story teller, filling her novels with memorable characters, adventure, romance and many other qualities that bring readers to explore her wonderful Fantasy worlds.

Ms. Roberson started out with her eight book series about the Cheysuli. They are a race of shapechangers. Each one has an animal companion, lir, that allows the Cheysuli warrior to change into that animal's shape. In this series there are two opposing magical races (Cheysuli and Ilhini) and several warring kingdoms. A prophecy promises a child of all these different groups will unite them all one day. Each book covers the story of a new generation moving closer to the fullfillment of the prophecy. All of the books have plots full of action, adventure and interesting cultures. The eight book are:

_The Shapechangers_

_The Song of Homana_

_Legacy of the Sword_

_Track of the White Wolf_

_A Pride of Princes_

_Daughter of the Lion_

_Flight of the Raven_

_A Tapestry of Lions_

Recently it was announced that the author will write some new Cheysuli novels soon.

Another of Roberson's series revolves around the characters of Tiger and Del. They are both sword masters, Del of the northern style and Tiger of the southern style. Both move through adventures, fighting against evil magic and developing a romance. The characters are well-developed, enjoyable and believable. _Sword-Dancer_, _Sword -Singer_, _Sword-Maker_, _Sword-Breaker_ and _Sword-Born_ are the books that make up this series. After many years, Ms. Roberson has written a new Tiger and Del book called _Sword Bound_.

She has written other books as well. _Lady of the Forest_ is a historical novel about  Robin Hood and Maid Marian. This book is full of rich details and adds a wonderful tale to the legend. She collaborated with authors Melanie Rawn and Kate Elliot on the Fantasy novel _The Golden Key_ too. 

Another series is “Karavans” about the living forest Alisanos and the lives the forest affects. The forest moves and changes its boundaries whenever it wants, swallowing up land and people. Once trapped, people can’t leave the forest ever again because it changes them. In the series, the books follows several characters in their struggles like Audran and her children who are trapped, seeking a way to regain her family. Rhuan, son of one of the forest gods, tries to help her while on his journey. Many other characters play a role in an ever changing world. The books are interesting, gripping adventures. _Karavans_, _Deepwood_ and _The Wild Road_ are the books in the series so far.

Jennifer Roberson has written many books in the Fantasy genre. Most of the books take place in her two created worlds but she writes historicals, collaborations and Fantasy short stories as well. She writes entertaining books with memorable characters, interesting settings and lots of adventure. Try any one of her works. Readers won't be disappointed.

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