Friday, April 25, 2014

Tad Williams

Do you like Epic Fantasy with a lot of detail and an edge? Tad Williams is a Fantasy author whose books are highly detailed and gripping. He uses vivid descriptions and strong themes to tell memorable stories of lasting power. Readers will find imaginative settings, realistic characters and complex plots in his works that will keep you reading until the end. All of his books are worthwhile to spend time on.

The first book by Mr. Williams was _Tailchaser’s Song_.This book is a combination Animal and Epic Fantasy. It is the story of the orange colored cat Fritti Tailchaser. He is on a quest to save his friend Hushpad from a terrible fate. Fritti must travel to the cat version of Hell and defeat a cat god as part of his quest. Readers get a detailed description of the world of cats and the first taste of this author’s incredible imagination.

Next, Mr. Williams turned his talent to Epic Fantasy. He created the complex world of “Osten Ard” for his trilogy of “Memory, Sorrow and Thorn.” T‹his is a complex world full of different kingdoms, people and creatures. The series is textured with vivid details that haunt a reader’s memories for a long time. Mr. Williams creates his world, plot s and characters with meticulous care.

_The Dragonbone Chair_ is the first book of the trilogy. It starts with a young boy named Simon who works as a kitchen servant in the ancient castle. The death of the high king sets off a war between the two young princes. Simon finds himself apprenticed to a member of the League of the Scroll. He finds himself on a quest for an ancient sword. Meanwhile, the undead Sithi lord called the Storm King rises to destroy the human kingdoms.

In the second book, _Stone of Farewell_, events get more complicated. The main characters are on a desperate search for a refuge and rallying point point for the human armies. Simon meets trolls and the Sithi, an elven like race. The League of the Scroll searches for more allies and weapons to fighÏt against the Storm King while his army sweeps through the land.

_To Green Angel Tower_ is the last book of the trilogy. This book is full of detail, action and war. The allies must rally together to stem the tide of the immortal Storm King. Two brothers, princes Elias and Josua, fight against each other. While the League of the Stroll struggles to solve the riddles of the ancient past to save their people, Simon travels through the shadow haunted, dark beauty of a buried Sithi city under the palace. The trilogy ends with an unforgettable climax.

Tad Williams is an impressive author of Epic Fantasy. His career has spanned over fifteen years. In those years, he has produced Fantasy books of high quality, full of realistic characters, vivid settings and intricate plots. The themes of the books leave a reader with a lot to think about for a long time. He has turned his talents to science fiction with a virtual reality Fantasy land. He brings a strong voice to that genre too. He is returning to the world of Osten Ard with a new trilogy in the near future.

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