Friday, August 21, 2009

Katherine Kerr

It is a world of magic where characters are reincarnated to live life over for chances at redemption. Deverry is like an alternate Britain of the past with magic, an elven race and warriors. This Fantasy world is a creation of author Katherine Kerr. Each of her books is set in this complex world, telling the stories of realistic characters as they try to free themselves the the wheel of reincarnation for crimes in past lives.

Deverry is a vivid world of a Britain that never existed with a Celtic flavor. There are various lords that live in duns or castles, protecting their lands with warrior bands. Elves inhabit the Western part of the island while dwarves move among the human cities as blacksmiths and in other jobs. The magic is called dweomar, wielded by practitioners of wisdom.

Daggerspell is the first book of Deverry. It begins the story of several characters with intertwined fates throughout the centuries and many rebirths. Nevyn is a magic user cursed with immortality for causing the tragic deaths of two young lovers. He discovers the cycle about to begin again. His quest is to get everyone to find their true destinies in order to break the curse. The book begins when the outcast warrior Cullyn must take charge of his daughter Jill after her mother dies. In their travels, they become part of the household of a noble family where Jill meets Rhodry the young lord. Jill has a strong magical talent but prefers to become a warrior. These characters continue to work out their destinies in three more books: Darkspell, The Bristling Wood, and The Dragon Revenant, which completes the first part of the story.

Rhodry’s story is the next cycle of books in the series as he tries to reconcile his parentage and find the true path of his life. He travels the land as a warrior for hire on his way to visit his father’s people. A Time of Exile begins with Rhodry’s son wanting to rule his own lands but cannot because of his slow aging father. Jill, his former lover, arrives to ask him for help, so he sets out on a journey that will last through A Time of Omens, Days of Blood and Fire, and Days of Air and Darkness.

The next part of the series begins with The Red Wyvern, telling the story of Lillobriga. She inherited her mother’s powers but not her taste for power. Caught up in the court intrigue, she struggles to master her powers without letting her mother find out about them. The Black Raven continues Lilli’s story as she learns about her magic with Nevyn and tries to save the rightful king of Deverry. A concluding volume, The Fire Dragon, takes place during Rhodry’s time, leading to a final confrontation with an evil sorceress.

Ms. Kerr is finishing up the story of Deverry with some new novels. The Gold Falcon opens another chapter of history with the story of Neb and Branna. This time the kingdom is being threatened by the savage Horsekin tribes and a new war begins. In the next book, The Spirit Stone, the Elven Westlands are threatened by the Horsekin and Prince Dar must seek help from allies to save his land. The Horsekin are wrecking havoc on all people and creatures of Deverry. Neb must find a way to save the kingdom as a mysterious island reappears in the third book, The Shadow Isle. The final book in the Deverry series and this story line will be called The Silver Mage. This book should be published in the next few months.

Katherine Kerr created a complex Fantasy world with the Deverry books. Deverry is a world with a Celtic-like culture, elven race and intriguing magic. Ms. Kerr uses the Celtic belief of reincarnation to create memorable characters that must work out intertwined destinies. Each book has an entertaining plot full of impressive descriptions and suspenseful events. Readers will find the books of Deverry very entertaining. More information can be found at the author’s web site at:

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