Saturday, September 05, 2009

On Writing Fantasy: Archetype Cards as a Tool

Half way through writing a story you stop. Inspiration seems to dry up and the story goes no where. A blank page or screen stares at you while you strive to think about something to write. Writer’s block? No. It is just a temporary lack of focus. How to start getting the creativity going? Another aspect for writers is finding something useful for writing exercises. I find Archetypes Storytelling cards a useful tool for Fantasy writing. They are useful for inspiration, writing exercises and combating writer’s block.

Inspiration for writing is difficult to find at times. writers need to find new sources for help. These cards are useful as a source. Drawing different sets of cards for plots, characters and objects sparks my mind to think of new ideas for my writing. The cards are generalized enough to provide something for your mind to focus on and spur creativity.

Another way the cards are useful is for creating writing exercises. Writers, whether beginning or veterans, always need to practice their craft. I use the cards as a means of practicing. I will draw some cards and write a character description or short scene from the ones I draw. Sometimes this leads to a longer piece. They are useful for trying experiments too. The different card combinations lead to some interesting prospects.

Lastly, the cards are useful in combating writer’s block. Keeping your creativity fluid is important as a writer. For those times when you can’t seem to write, playing around with these cards jogs your thoughts. Interesting combinations create intriguing possibilities that spur the mind to life. This can help to break the writer’s block you might be suffering from once and a while.

Archetypes Storytelling cards are a useful writing tool for Fantasy writers. They help with inspiration and ideas, provide writing exercises for practice and help combat writer’s block. The art work on the cards is colorful and good. They are available from the Internet at The site also provides some basic stuff like using the cards online as a tarot and for basic character or objects to write about.

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